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The Divine Creative Method

Want to create from PLEASURE and stop your inner critic from paralyzing your next big creative break?

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1-on-1 Coaching

My 1:1 coaching program is designed for creatives who want to step into the next level of their creative journeys. Through a personalized coaching program, we work on understanding, listening and up-leveling your mindset so that you can create art and live a creativity-centered life.

I'm all in!

I believe that creatives and misfits can be recognized for who they truly are not by playing by someone else's rules or playbook but when they own their truth + power. 

Whether it is one-on-one coaching or with my group coaching programs, I provide space for creatives to be themselves and hone in on their visions. 

Working with me for creatives can be the first step in letting go of unnecessary burdens, misaligned thought pattern and stress. Connect with me today for a discovery consultation call!

My intention is to help creatives create from a place of joy, abundance and purpose. 

In a world full of expectations and rules, I help creatives inhabit their own truths, power and sense of self. 

It is from within this place of authentic joy and purpose that creatives and misfits feel the most alive. And it is from this place of "aliveness" that they can create art without shame, a sense of "not enough-ness" and comparisonitis.

LIfe coach for creatives & misfits

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what's your favorite Book?

Jane Eyre

Anna karenina


My favorite book is...


I love a book that plays on structure

what's your favorite city?



new york

My favorite city is...

new york city

This city holds a special place in my heart. I have lived in 3 different boroughs and worked in 3 different ones. 

what's your favorite drink?




My favorite drink is...

aperol spritz

My goal is to spend a year in Italy indulging in it.