Hey there!

I'm My Linh.

I am the girl who turned down yale university and now help students achieve authentic success their way through mentoring.


Then to serial procrastinator. Feeling unmotivated, fed-up, and questioning why I ever left my hometown in Vietnam in the first place. 

When I was 18, I was on paper the perfect candidate for “success”: from a young girl in Hanoi, Vietnam doodling in her notebooks daydreaming about the future to getting offers from Yale University and ultimately accepting the oldest and most prestigious merit-scholarship in the U.S.

Yet, throughout my time in school I struggled with feelings of being “out of place”, procrastination and confusion. The truth was I didn’t embrace my full identity: a writer, creative spirit, entrepreneur and someone who didn’t quite fit into a conventional success ideal.

Today, I mentor students who have big, grandiose at times what others may call "foolhardy" dreams. I believe in the potential of every student to not only achieve success in one or two areas of their life (often the area that pleases society or their families) but in ALL areas: health, emotional wellbeing, and their true inner calling.

For me, being the top student in college, writing academic papers and doing research didn't cut it. 

I had a secret calling of being a novelist and creative entrepreneur, but due to the demands of school and the feeling of having to do the norm of being what I thought I needed to do as a college student (being president of a club, doing more research, trying hard to do the things my professors wanted me to do)... I repressed that desire to a mere hobby. 

No wonder I was unhappy, struggling with feelings of a lack of self-worth and not knowing how to envision my life.

Instead of focusing on my limitations and playing by the rules, once I decided to create my own set of beliefs and rules, my world CHANGED.

Today, I mentor students to embrace the fullest versions of themselves so that they can make a reality their deepest, truest, most-aligned dreams for their lives.

I mentor students who are both high-achieving in the classroom, and those who do not necessarily see themselves as a "good student." I believe that in both cases, many are secretly young visionaries who want to put into place a beautiful vision for their own life, often with the result of inspiring and helping changing the communities around them.

I understand what it is like to be "successful" in WAYS THAT DO NOT ALIGN WITH WHO YOU ARE...

I want you to see the unimaginable success, fulfillment, well-being that is possible for them.

... to achieve purposefully and succeed without stress, burnout and anxiety.

... to put into words their biggest, most passionate dreams and ACTUALLY going for it! 

In my mentoring practice, I want to nurture the dreams that you know are within you but have kept hidden.

I want to offer you the tools to rethink your current identity as a passive entity simply floating along (being successful according to somebody else's definitions) to become an active doer, creator, someone who does the work that aligns with herself/himself.

Students who invest in my mentoring take that huge leap in starting a new chapter in their journey in becoming the most whole, and authentic version of themselves.

They say “no” to a history of stress, pressure to conform, mental stagnation and confusion.

Here’s my hope for all young visionaries and students currently in or freshly out of school:

In my MenTORING PROGRAM, I help students reclaim their power and own their success without fear, confusion and frustration.

I guide them to really embracing the big dreams that they have for their life and to be unapologetic about working towards them in a way that feels truly aligned to their identity and sense of well-being.

Students who invest in my mentoring take that huge leap in starting a new chapter in their journey in becoming the most whole, and authentic version of themselves. They say “no” to a tendency of stress, pressure to conform, mental stagnation and confusion.

I look forward to hear from you as you write a more complete chapter, as the author of your own fearless, most authentic life.

To the realization of your wildest dream,

My Linh

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I left Hanoi for the U.S. where I began boarding school.


I won 1st prize in nonfiction as a Freshman; my writing dreams were fueled


I received an offer from Yale and turned it down for the Morehead-Cain scholarship at UNC-Chapel Hill


I felt anxious and depressed thinking about my job prospects in the States (as an international humanities major)


I landed my dream internships in NYC publishing but felt disheartened as I knew I couldn't work in these fields post-grad


I left university with a fancy degree yet felt confused about where my path would lead me to next


I refound my purpose through deep inner work, including getting coaching and created my own career as a writer and entrepreneur 


I get to mentor students all over the world and teach them how to step into THEIR MOST AUTHENTIC PATH. 


I used to be the queen of sleepovers as a kid. I would invite my best girlfriends over and we'd have a fake "movie set" in my room as we improvise our own screenplay.


My favorite way to destress is to re-read books ("Bonjour Tristesse") or re-watch films ("The Devil Wears Prada")


I have a secret DJ-ing talent, even if I only bring it out to my closest friends ;)

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