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Not ready for the in-depth work that 1-on-1 mentoring requires? You're invited to sign up to my online membership where I do one webinar every month. We work on our beliefs and our mindset to achieve the full extent of our dreams, and to cultivate a lifestyle of wholesome well-being and peace of mind.

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1-on-1 Mentoring

My 1:1 mentoring program is designed for college students, international students and young visionaries with a big dream they want to excavate. I help students find strength from embracing their stories and rewriting their limiting beliefs to live their most authentic and successful life.

I'm all in!

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I believe that young dreamers and students can be their fullest selves without trying, or overworking, or getting lost in the confusion cycle.

In my mentoring, I create a space for "silent dreamers" who want to no longer deny themselves of their full potential, and to unmute their dreams.

My goal is to help develop the hidden talents of 100 students around the globe, some of whom like me come from parts of the world that have so much spark and beauty yet to be showcased on a global level.

My intention is to help college students and young visionaries find their most authentic voice and to discover who they truly are while also achieving their most desired goals.

I mentor student-dreamers who may have been successful in one area (often academically) but who have bigger dreams for their life that they want to excavate. 

They may have dreams from childhood that they have been denying themselves and feel like they are living below their potential. 

mentor & coach for the College Student..

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Work-experiences in the US and UK


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Ivy League Acceptances (YAle, Columbia)


The first Vietnamese Morehead-Cain Scholar from mainland Vietnam


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what's your favorite Book?

Jane Eyre

Anna karenina


My favorite book is...


I love a book that plays on structure

what's your favorite city?



new york

My favorite city is...

new york city

This city holds a special place in my heart. I have lived in 3 different boroughs and worked in 3 different ones. 

what's your favorite drink?




My favorite drink is...

aperol spritz

My goal is to spend a year in Italy indulging in it.