for college students 
and young visionaries

It’s time to reclaim your power and let go of fear, confusion and frustration.

Are you aching for whole-body-mind-SPIRIT success in college & beyond?

Think a lifestyle beyond stress, a better balance between academics and personal life, and a fast-track (re)discovery of who you truly are. No longer are you seeped in confusion, headache, and unnecessary emotional drama. You claim what you want to be known for in college and beyond right now – no more waiting around for permission to be your most confident, focused and unstoppable self.

We begin by setting the intention of calling forward the dreams that we've hidden and stored away for a long time in the back of our minds. Instead of simply seeing these dreams as mere fantasies, we work towards realizing them and becoming the kind of person that achieves their biggest, most ambitious and "deep-soul" dreams while being their truest self.

To the realization of your wildest dream, complete fulfillment, and being MORE of you are.

Your time is now.

who is this for?

that you’re constantly confused and don’t have a clear direction to reach your most ambitious goals?

do you find...

constantly pushing down your desire for MORE. More happiness, ease of being and freedom

are you...

to actually feel the joy of feeling fulfilled knowing you’re working towards making your most authentic dreams a reality?

do you want...


Here are three ways I like to describe My Linh: she is an incredible person, a smart professional, and a caring entrepreneur. I’ve known her for over six years and, throughout all this time, she has been a sounding board for my ideas, my thoughts, and my worries. She is one of those people who, when you hear about them, you think: “How are they able to do it all?” I don’t know how My Linh does it, but I do know she is one of the kindest, smartest, and most hardworking people I’ve ever met. I always go to her for advice and I always ask for her opinion on things because she is thoughtful yet decisive and unafraid of confrontation.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Current Law Student at NYU School of Law on a Root-Tilden-Kern Public Interest Scholarship

Why Work With Me?

How my program works:

step one

Our first call is a discovery call where we see if we’re a good fit to work together. Are you ready for another way of being beyond the conventional stress-to-succeed path, and to choose an authentic way of being to live on our own terms? My clients range from freshmen in college to young professionals looking to thrive beyond the normal expectations of success. I’m here to show you that all of that is possible. 

Discovery call

step two

What are the most ambitious and soul-fulfilling results you want to create in your life? Once we start working together, our first plan of action is to hone in on your desires, true soul-calling, and create do a deep-dive into the dreams that you've kept hidden. Our dreams are not just what we do to look good on paper but to truly fulfill us as aligned human beings. The new bar of success for us is WHOLE-body-soul success. We do not settle for mediocrity and we do not settle for a cookie-cutter definition of success or happiness.


step three

After our dream excavation, we take radical action steps in analyzing our mindset and belief system. Beyond just thought-work however, we build new ways in which you can thrive as the true author of your life. That means learning to give yourself permission every single day to take actions towards making your dreams a reality. 
We work towards living purposefully and intentionally every single day. We choose to keep in mind the eagle vision of our most ambitious dreams AND also take the daily steps to reach them. 

Bi-Weekly CALLS

Deep dream-excavation and true self alignment work

Building a system to take daily actions towards reaching our goals

Nurture a lifestyle of complete well-being & let go of stress

A strong habit of mindset work and positive thought building

signature MENTORING package


A newfound understanding of yourself as a powerful creator and the possibility of achieving your most ambitious, aligned goals!

you'll leave with:

i'm ready for this.

— Quynh

"The consulting call is absolutely awesome. It changed my point of view about how to achieve your goals and enjoy the US college life to the fullest. I used to look up lots of videos on Youtube and read many books to find out the answers to my personal struggles, but I felt like it would be best to have a conversation about your own specific problems and have somebody to guide you to the solution. The consultant call helped me look at my obstacle in a different light, and motivated me to become a better version of myself during college. I really enjoy this experience!"

5 stars all around

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